Want to make me the happiest birthday girl ever?

Tomorrow I turn 32 years old.

I have a lot to celebrate this year.

But even so, it’s been one scary, exhilarating, emotional year and I’ll admit, I’ve spent a lot of 31 unhappy about a lot of things.

I know some of you might think I’m crazy. You see my encouraging posts, the happy stories and photos of our little family, and my messages to find healing and happiness behind the lens of a camera.

You might think everything is sunshine and roses here.

And life is good, don’t get me wrong.

But this year I’ll be honest, my work/life balance spiraled out of control.  I’ve spent much of 31 frustrated with how little time I’ve been able to give to my family while also chasing the desire to be of even more service in the world.

My days have been scheduled down to the second from sunrise to sunset, for 2 years straight making me restless and resentful.  31 is when I became frustrated with my 5am alarm, bitter about the hour long drive to a job that no longer fulfills me as it once did, and upset over lost time with my daughter in that second hour long commute home.

So this fall when I couldn’t bear it anymore, I took refuge with the one tool I know has a proven record to help me heal, my camera. And, the first thing I did was the same thing I always do right before I snap a photo.

I looked for the light.

I found it over and over again. Light in my daughter’s smile, giggles, and laughter. Light in my husband’s unyielding support – my silent and supportive partner as I pursue my dreams night after night working on the next blog post, photo edit, or course materials.  Light right here, in this community, in you.

It’s time to continue looking towards the light and celebrate a new chapter.

I’ve made a HUGE choice to step into my desires this year in a big way. The details of how that’s all falling into place is still a bit under wraps. But, I do want to get the party started by inviting you to be of more service with me as I turn a corner and say hello to 32.

Your invitation

This year, for my birthday, I want nothing more than to give back to a cause that is near and dear to my heart. I want to rally this community to support a common mission with me as we make an big impact together.

After losing our first daughter Bella I was sad to discover the lack of resources and support available to moms dealing with the feelings of loneliness and isolation that come with this kind of grief.

Over the past few years, I’ve watched the babyloss community explode with a wealth information and products to facilitate healing.

One of the most unique and special nonprofits out there is one called Molly Bears.

Molly Bears assembles weighted teddy bears and gifts them to mothers who have lost babies during pregnancy or infancy. The bears weigh the same as their child when he or she passed away and are carefully handcrafted to include mementos of their baby. The hope is that mothers will hold and hug these bears and find healing in their embrace.

I was inspired to order my own Molly Bear after hearing the praise of student after student in my own Illumiante e-course.  I received my bear just this week, over three years after our loss. Our 9 oz. Bella Rose Bear is sheer perfection and I love the personal touches added by the Molly Bears team that make her a truly unique and special keepsake.

The unfortunate truth

Molly Bears is a non-profit that runs on the generosity of donations and volunteer hours. Right now they have a waiting list of thousands of mothers who are waiting patiently for their special bear delivery.

Where do you come in?

Each Molly Bear costs approximately $45 to make.

I would love nothing more on my birthday than to raise the funds to gift 10 mothers with their bears.

That’s $500.

If 100 of us give up our Starbucks latte for one day and donate $5, we’ll easily meet this $500 goal.  

All I’m asking from you if you’d like to help is $5.

I’ll be collecting donations from now until the end of February so you have a week to chip in if you’re so inclined.  Those of you that are generous enough to make a donation and email me your receipt (berylayn@gmail.com) will get a little special something (a surprise!!) from me when the campaign is over.

Click the button below to make your donation now.

Today we celebrate! Being of service in the world, living in the light, and bringing comfort and healing through the power of a radiant and supportive community. Welcome to my 32. It’s going to be an incredible year.



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