Momtographie 2.0

Beautiful images of your kids and family taken not by a professional, but by YOU!

Just as in cooking or baking, we learn the skills we need in the beginning so we can wow our husbands or kids or inlaws with results that aren’t dark and burnt to a crisp.

Then as we learn and grow and expand our skills (and maybe watch too much Food Network) we realize that we’d really like to perfect our skills a bit more. Perhaps we discover that we actually hate Italian food, but Spanish cuisine is really what excites us and we’d like to know more about THAT.

I bet that now that you know a bit about ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed you’d really LOVE to know how to get in the photos with your kids more, or discover new beautiful locations to take photos, or snap incredible photos of them out on the soccer field or dancing in their ballet recital.

The Momtographie 2.0 e-book is your place to expand your skills and/or hone in on areas you’d really like to know more about.  Once you’ve mastered your original Momtographie material, fold in these additional mini lessons and expand your knowledge in new and different directions.

What exactly are the areas we’ll explore in 2.0?

Lesson 1

Location Location Location

How to select, choose, and discover new and/or unexpected places shoot



Lesson 2

Sports Movement and Action

Still struggling with capturing your kids in motion? I’ve got you covered with some new settings and techniques to try.



Lesson 3


Yeah yeah, I know you may hate getting in front of the lens, but these tips are going to come in super handy when we add your kids into the mix next week.


Lesson 4

You + your kids

When you’re the momtographer it can sure be challenging to get you in the frame with them. Let’s change that.



Lesson 5


This is one advanced lighting technique that will leave you in a place to celebrate your Momtographie successes and capture a beautiful art piece to hang in your home.


Ready to continue your Momtographie journey with an e-book that will keep you motivated, inspired, and ready to progress to the next recipes in our photography cookbook?