Your kids keep you SO busy that you’ve lost a bit of yourself and want to find time and space for a hobby that excites you and honors your life as a mom.

 You take photos all the time. But organizing, printing, or actually doing something with them is another story. You need help, motivation, and support to actually get your photos off the camera and on your walls or into albums.

 You find your phone takes better photos than any other camera you own but you still can’t seem to get it to take photos that are crisp, clear, and accurately capture the moment.

 You have the big fancy DSLR camera, but your camera sits collecting dust in a drawer or on a shelf and you feel guilty that you don’t use it more often.



You’re invited to join the Feel Good Photo Class!

Capturing frame-worthy Shots of the joyful Moments (even if getting your kids and camera to cooperate feels impossible)

Any type of camera. Phones and DSLRs!

Priceless Memories. 

Next class starts Monday.

only $27

This 7 day class is the perfect next step for you if you want to…

Learn my 2 minute camera tips and tricks that will help you finally use your camera to its full potential.

Capture more candid, natural photos of your kids worthy to frame on the wall and earn admiration on Facebook & Instagram.

Incorporate photography into your busy everyday life; tapping into your creative side and unlocking confidence behind and in front of the lens. 

Produce photos you can be proud of while still being present with your family. No #momguilt here! 


In Other Words…

You'll create something that makes you feel good again! 

Next class starts Monday.

only $27

Hi, I’m Beryl. Mom. Photographer. Teacher.

I was never a person who carried a camera with me wherever I went. But I fell in love with photography in 2009 as a way to document the exciting time of becoming a mom. However, when our first pregnancy ended in stillbirth at 20 weeks, I turned to my camera as a source of hope, healing, and self-discovery instead.

In short, my camera helped me feel good about my life again through some of my darkest days.

A year later I became a mom for a second time when I gave birth to a vibrant, inquisitive, rainbow girl. Every day she teaches me the importance of happiness, lightheartedness, and big dreaming.


As former elementary school technology teacher, I have a passion and knack for helping people break down complicated tech tools (like your camera!) with ease. Teaching is my true calling.

But because of my daughters, I fell in love with photography as a creative therapeutic process. Something as small as a camera completely changed my life. Now I'm on a mission to help other women open the door of possibility and find their creative spark again. That is why I am holding this challenge.



What's exactly is the Feel Good Photo Class?


The feel good photo class is a 7 day photography experience designed to help you improve your pictures and feel good about the results! It's more than prompts, and more than inspiration. Think of it like a mini class that aims to help you find motivation and excitement as you learn.

Starting Monday I'll send daily photo challenges over the course of 7 days. Some will include a short tutorial video. Others will be 100% email based. During those challenges you'll discover:

*The 1 key ingredient that you REALLY need to pay attention to when you're taking pictures of your kids.

*What to do about kids who are grumpy or run away as soon as they see a camera in your hands.

*The ONE SURPRISING THING you'll want to try to capture your everyday moments.

*and much much more!


What kind of camera do I need to have to participate?


Great question! This is for ANY type of camera. DSLR, Phone, Point and Shoot. Whatever kind of camera you want to you -- we've got you covered!


Is there a community component to this class?


Yes! We'll be using Instagram as the platform where you can tag and post for encouragement and support (and to find other students like you!) Through hashtags and tagging me you'll be able to follow along with myself and your fellow students and get ideas, inspiration, and motivation for the entire 7 days.



What are others saying?  

This class has allowed me to take time and really connect with my kids. Thank you so much!

Marie C.

This photo makes me feel good because it really gets where my daughter is in her young angst. I also like the bold colors and the good technical aspects. I am trying to do me and not be worried so much about the perfect pose or picture, I want to be more about capturing the person where they are as they are.

Rayna N.

It felt so, SO good to say yes. I love this class. Yes to ice cream at a park. Yes to sandboxes and dinner out. Yes to setting up a tent in the basement (which now I am the only one in). This day taught me a lot. I never say “yes” to my kids. I say “okay” and “likely” and “probably” and “let’s see” and “what does Daddy think?” But never, “yes.” And you know what? “Yes” feels good. It felt good to me. And it felt great to see how my kids lit up at “yes" too. As he was falling asleep, one of my kids said to me, “Mama, tomorrow is your ‘Yes’ day.” This will be something we continue as part of our family for a long time.

Lee A.



This class is for every camera: DSLR’s & SMART PHONES!


I'm absolutely confident that this class will transform the way you approach capturing pictures, developing your camera skills and preserving your memories. Go ahead and give the feel good photo class a try today.

If at any time during the 7 days you feel like this class isn't right for you, for any reason at all, simply let my team know and we'll happily refund your purchase, no questions asked.

Next class starts Monday.

only $27