7 Day Class For Capturing frame-worthy Shots of the joyful Moments

(even if getting your kids and camera to cooperate feels impossible)

Any type of camera. Phones and DSLRs!

Priceless Memories. 

Next challenge starts Monday.

only $27

In 7 Days You Will…

Learn my 2 minute camera tips and tricks that will help you finally use your camera to its full potential.

Capture more candid, natural photos of your kids worthy to frame on the wall and earn admiration on Facebook & Instagram.

Incorporate photography into your busy everyday life; tapping into your creative side and unlocking confidence behind and in front of the lens. 

Produce photos you can be proud of while still being present with your family. No #momguilt here! 


In Other Words…

You'll create something that makes you feel good again! 

Next challenge starts Monday.

only $27

Hi, I’m Beryl. Mom. Photographer. Teacher.

I was never a person who carried a camera with me wherever I went. But I fell in love with photography in 2009 as a way to document the exciting time of becoming a mom. However, when our first pregnancy ended in stillbirth at 20 weeks, I turned to my camera as a source of hope, healing, and self-discovery instead.

In short, my camera helped me feel good about my life again through some of my darkest days.

A year later I became a mom for a second time when I gave birth to a vibrant, inquisitive, rainbow girl. Every day she teaches me the importance of happiness, lightheartedness, and big dreaming.


As former elementary school technology teacher, I have a passion and knack for helping people break down complicated tech tools (like your camera!) with ease. Teaching is my true calling.

But because of my daughters, I fell in love with photography as a creative therapeutic process. Something as small as a camera completely changed my life. Now I'm on a mission to help other women open the door of possibility and find their creative spark again. That is why I am holding this challenge.



This challenge is for every camera: DSLR’s & SMART PHONES!

Next challenge starts Monday.

only $27