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One you can use to search for those beautiful moments that exist in your everyday even when it doesn’t feel like they’re there. Develop is the class where you’ll use a camera to find a new appreciation for who you are and what you do as a mom. 

momtography™ online

Momtography™ Online registration is closed for 2017. Hop on the VIP list to be the first to know when we open the doors in 2018.

In the meantime, join our free Facebook group today and let's cook up better photos together!


Together, we’ll get your photos off your phone and ready to print (because a perfect photo is a printed photo)!

And the project we craft will not only be a perfect keepsake; but it could be the PERFECT gift for grandparents or aunts and uncles too.


Imagine a photography experience designed to incorporate YOU time into the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The Radiate self study course will light you up, allow you to tackle photo editing in a simplified meaningful way, and help you re-discover your inner glow behind a camera lens.

The good news? The first chapter is completely free!


During this FREE self-study course, learn how to use your camera (any camera) to capture beautiful images that speak to you and your journey through grief. Feel the compassion of a trusted guide and mentor who knows exactly what it’s like to lose a child. Manage your grief in a creative way and grow because of it. Focus attention on the family members who are still in your house and in your life. And create a body of work that serves as a testament to your lost child.

in person classes and retreats

momtography™ in-person


Momtography™ is a beginner dslr photography class customized for families in the Washington Metropolitan area with DSLR cameras who want to take better photos of the special kiddos in their lives.

Designed for the busy mom, dad, grandparent, aunt, or uncle on the go, this 4 hour jumpstart course will deliver the basics to get that camera out of AUTO mode and working for you in any situation.

embrace weekend

FALL 2017

There’s nothing quite like getting away from the day to day responsibilities of motherhood and life to connect with like minded souls who value family, photography, and memory making. 

This workshop will be a balance of structured classes with scheduled work time after you learn. You’ll gain skills that will not only support you in organizing your photos but in organizing you life too.

Think of this weekend as a gift of space: space to connect, space to unwind, space to reflect, space to learn, and space to process and do the work you’ve been struggling to find time, motivation, and method to complete.